Leap Day:New York Beauty And Farewell to February

Leap Day is giving me chance to check in and say hello! February has flown by so fast for me this year....it's the month that always drags by for me as I wait for spring.  But this winter has been the mildest I've experienced since moving to Upstate New York almost twenty years ago. I just hope we don't end up having a long wet, cool spring.....I'm so over seeing mud everywhere and having it tracked into the house by the dogs. I've missed looking out back and seeing snow for the better part of the winter. While it's colorless, it's definitely better than looking at wet, soggy brown grass and mud everywhere.

Just yesterday, while out buying my third mop this winter, I couldn't resist stopping at the cardboard stand holding the colorful seed packets....I picked up a packet of Zinnia seeds and fondly recalled a wide, colorful row of Zinnia blooms at one end of my dad's very large garden.

Since my garden has been getting smaller over the past few years I reserve all the space for edibles with the exception of some Heavenly Blue morning glories most years.....but suddenly I had a picture in my mind of how awesome my raised beds would look packed full of colorful annuals.

I decided right then and there that this year, I would plant mostly flowers. And, since I'm probably only cooking for one the rest of the year, I think I'll get more pleasure out of my gardening efforts by having loads of beautiful flowers to enjoy inside and outside. So, I left the store with several packets of old time favorites and picked up a few more today.

Perhaps all the fantastic fabrics and colorful quilts I've been looking at lately(I won a $50 Fashionable Fabric's gift certificate) influenced my decision a tiny bit to have a garden full of riotous color. I have joined a New York Beauty Quilt Along(QAL) that starts in March....it will be rather challenging but extremely satisfying.

Some of my fabric selection
The New York Beauty is block I've always admired....
it's amazing the number of layouts and looks that can be achieved.

NYB Blocks Source: flickr.com via Karen on Pinterest

One of my favorites from my Pinterest NYB inspiration collection  is this awesome quilt
.....the possibilities are endless!

Source: flickr.com via Karen on Pinterest


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