It's Been A Great Year!

I'm basically a positive, optimistic and goal orientated person...but as each year draws to an end, I often find myself dwelling on what wasn't accomplished for the year rather than what was. Too often this leads to some feelings of failure and negativity as the New Year arrives....when I should be full of hope, and ready for all the possibilities in the New Year. But not this year....too many wonderful things have happened. For starters, after several years of bad vision, I can see again after having cataracts removed from both eyes. That alone would have made this a great year but we also had two sons marry, our first grandchild was born and several renovation projects are, for the most part, complete!


And, as for things that were not accomplished in 2011....I what and who cares!

For now, all I can do, is what can be done in the next two days....after which I'll have another 366 days in 2012 to accomplish what was not done in 2011....or 2010..... For me there will be no regrets and no 2012 New Years Resolutions, except to keep goals and my to do lists, manageable and realistic!