WIP November 1, 2011

Slow but welcome progress is being made in my new sewing room.  My son has got the majority of the sheet rock installed and I'm making progress on the finishing.  I was eager to get the closet finished but was not able to hold the sheet rock up over my head at the angle of the closet ceiling so my son could install it. But we did get the majority of debris and miscellaneous items like wood trim, excess sheet rock and bed frame out of the room so it will be much easier to finish up the work now. My husband was gone for the month of October, but now he is back as is apparent in the photo below and perhaps we can get the work completed this month....a girl can hope right? Until then I will plug along at taping and whatever else I can finish by myself in hopes that I will be happily sewing along in my new space this December! Also, in this photo is Morris II, fondly referred to as the "upstairs cat" since he is petrified of the "downstairs dogs" still.

It's come a long way from this.