Pies and 25th Anniversary Celebration

I did a lot of cooking for a 25th anniversary party for my sister that I held for her November 19th. By the time Thanksgiving rolled around I opted for purchased pecan pies as my donation to the family Thanksgiving get together. Well, really you can't beat pies baked at Lagoner Farm's in WIlliamson, NY.  I thought $10.50 for a pecan pie was a great price as I doubt I could have baked one for much less! For Christmas I'm going to order one of their Apple Caramel Walnut pies...did they ever look delicious! They have such fabulous baked goods and I love supporting local businesses. I go apple picking or buying at Lagoner's each autumn with my niece or a friend....they really have a nice set up. Children from city schools come out to visit each year. I look forward to bringing my granddaughter to Lagoner's to pick apples and enjoy all their fun autumn activities when she gets older!

For the Anniversary party I baked dozens of cookies, gingerbread, cupcakes, mini cream puffs(that were never filled) and two turkeys, boiled 42 eggs and made almost 100 Cheddar Little Smokies in the blanket! Thankfully I had a friend helping the day of the party to get all of the cooking done. It was a wonderful menu and we received compliments from all that attended. I was so busy that day I didn't get around to taking my camera out of the bag in order to document the day...most unlike me! I did finally get a few shots of my sister and brother in law after the clean up was complete and everyone had left. This is inside the Lodge at Ginegaw Park.

Their actual anniversary is November 29th....Congratulations Mike and Janet for 25 years of marriage! 


  1. Stopping by from the MMS group to share some love.

    Your pictures are AMAZING! Such quality. I only WISH I were that great.


  2. Thanks for stopping by Scrappin' Sista and thanks for looking at some of my pics! I love photography and photo editing.