Photo Walk November 2011

It was a nice day for a walk around the neighborhood and backyard today. I hadn't noticed this darling little child's bench before. The jungle insert on the back is neat....gotta love that monkey sitting on the lions back!

Soon the trees will be bare.

I counted sixteen bags of leaves lined up!

My leaves never make it into bags....


  1. I love your photos! the antique bench is so cool, I love the autumn colors and this beautiful house. I wish I had such a nice neighborhood!

  2. Thank you Masa for your kind words! I love photography and have only recently got returned to it as I wasn't able to see well for a few years and very poorly for for a couple years. I had cataract surgery in March and April of 2011 and can now see wonderfully...wish I hadn't waited so long!

    The bench in the photo is child is the cutest little thing.

  3. I'm glad it was a successful surgery! Keep on photographing, you are very talented! :)