Wet But Lovely Upstate NY October

Here in my area of Upstate NY it has been a gorgeous fall despite an over abundance of rainfall. There is still so much beauty, around my home and neighborhood, to see and enjoy. Winter will arrive soon enough and until then I plan on making the most of each day.  I'll save all the memories for the dreary days of winter...not the snowy days(as I love them) or the frigid wintry mix days but for the days when the melting snow has turned to filthy slush and made everything look dingy and dreary.

One of my favorite flowers are morning glories and in October they are at there best. I usually include some Heavenly Blue morning glories in my garden. This year I did not plant any flowers other than a few pots of geraniums and I've sure missed having them in my garden this month but just a few minutes walk form my home is this lovely little front garden which reminds me of  how my own garden looked many, many years ago. I've admired this little garden and it's rambling appearance for a few years now. The morning glories are beautiful and I'm thinking of planting a mixed variety in my garden  next year.

And here is a pretty little spot of fall decor.