Getting Away

Can't wait to take off tomorrow for Connecticut! It's nice to get away for a few days to break up the monotony of my husband being gone, yet again, with the National Guard.  This time he is in California for a month having fun in the Mojave dessert....NOT! I've got all the camera and camcorder batteries charged and the camera cards cleared. Now, just need to pack it all up and get everything that I'm taking by the door ready to go.

My girls know something is up....they got really excited when they saw me put the leashes on their crates. CeCe keeps running in and out of her crate...she is ready to go NOW! CeCe is my little longhair Chihuahua and just one of my four dogs. Then there is Bella, a little shih tzu dachshund mix and Darcy, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. My fourth dog is Aohdan, a male Irish Setter. Darcy and Aohdan are going to be staying with a friend who also keeps my dogs groomed for me. The weather is going to be awesome for the next few days, here in upstate NY and in wonderful is that?