So why Glory Bee Garden?

I have always had a love for gardens and gardening...a wonderful gift from my mother and father.  My gardens have ranged from a small strip along a farmers field to using every square inch of ground at our upstate, New York home that received sufficient sunlight to allow plants to grow. I love the entire process of nurturing a garden...yes, even the weeding. But, for a variety of reasons the garden became too much for me to keep up with. As time passed, my garden decreased in size several times. Recently, once again, the garden was scaled down and is now designed for simplicity and ease of care. I hope to have a small greenhouse put in the area where the umbrella is sometime in 2012.

Life, like a garden, is ever changing and over time I found myself dealing with physical limitations that prevented me from doing many activities I loved in the same manner I once had.  But, just as a garden changes from year to year, dictated by the rhythm of the seasons, so do we. So, why not Glory Bee Garden for this blogs name?  "Glory" for the wonder and joy I feel for the possibilities that each day holds and the morning glory vines I love. "Bee" for my appreciation of the vital job worker bees perform and for my new found addiction enjoyment of participating in quilt block swaps or bee's. "Garden" because this blog is my way of growing and nurturing not only myself but others too. I have always loved learning, sharing and empowering other people. I look forward to getting to know you!


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